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Balance - art and science

Are you tired of attending generic workshops?

Look no further!



We run public workshops 3-4 times a year.


The audience size can vary, depending on the topic and format. We've had workshops with 15 participants, as well as workshops with over 800 participants.


Examples of Topics Covered in Public Workshops

  • Data Visualization Accessibility

  • The Data Visualization Process

  • Turning Data into Storytelling

  • 6 Advanced Graphs You Should Use



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Our workshops are CUSTOMIZED and INTERACTIVE.
We spend time understanding your challenges. We review examples of your work and incorporate makeovers. We keep participants engaged with hands-on exercises.

Our Process


We ask questions. Lots of questions.


Our goal is to get a full picture of the types of data that you work with, reports or dashboards that you typically create, and stakeholders that need to use your data and graphs to take action.


We take samples of your data and reports or dashboards and create makeovers in advance of a private workshop.


We walk the talk.


We use your data and our makeovers to not just teach you, but show you how you can improve your graphs and data storytelling.


Post-workshop, you'll receive our makeovers so that you can use them right away.

For an extra fee, we'll also make ourselves available for consulting.

Who Should Attend?

Workshops are designed for anyone who needs to communicate more effectively with data.

Is your most important client complaining about how your data story doesn't come across?


Or, are you stuck not knowing what graphs to choose to better represent your data and show insights?

If the answer is yes, then we can help!


No computer programming experience or graphic design skills are needed.

Typically, our workshops are tool agnostic. If all participants have a similar level of Excel or Tableau knowledge, we can offer personalized exercises using any of these two tools.


Let's work together!

Contact us to discuss your team's needs.

Business Morning


goal: get an overview of a specific data visualization or data storytelling topic

structure: presentation on a topic of choice, combined with short, hands-on exercises and Q&A

This option works for small or large groups

Business Meeting

1/2 DAY

goal: deep-dive into 2-3 data visualization or data storytelling topics

structure: 4-hour session, filled with real-life examples and hands-on exercises. We will review internal company work and provide feedback


This option is best for up to 15-25 people

Business Organization


goal: understand data visualization and storytelling best practices in-depth

structure: 8-hour a day session (incl. 1h break + two 15 min breaks) filled with real-life examples and hands-on exercises. We will review internal company work and provide feedback


This option is best for up to 15-25 people


new testimonials.png

Rebeca's presentation at the ATL women in Big Data was fantastic.


I appreciated her accessible and engaging insights into data visualization and left feeling inspired to improve my own visualization techniques.


She is an excellent communicator and instructor.

 - Letitia Puster,

 Associate Software Engineer, IGnsight

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