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Who Leads Vizlogue?

Rebeca Pop is the founder of Vizlogue, a Data Visualization and Storytelling Lab that offers training and consulting services. Vizlogue's mission is to help companies and organizations communicate more effectively with data.

To date, she has delivered presentations to over 3,000 participants all around the world. Her workshops are grounded in a deep understanding of adult learning strategies and combine hands-on exercises with feedback sessions and real-life examples.

Rebeca is also an Adjunct Professor in data visualization and storytelling at the University of Chicago and at Northwestern University. She has almost a decade of experience working in marketing science and analytics at top media agencies, across a variety of industries (e.g., CPG, Travel, QSR, Auto).

She enjoys writing and has published thought leadership articles on, Nightingale (the journal of the Data Visualization Society), and United Nations’ blog. One of her most popular articles has even been translated into Italian.

When she's not working on a data visualization project, Rebeca loves biking, hiking, and traveling. Fun fact: to date, she's visited over 25 countries. 

She currently lives in Chicago, IL.

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