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Before creating any data visualization, we take the time to understand each client's specific business needs, as well as each audience's needs. Just like no two clients are alike, no two graphs should be alike. We believe in true partnerships and full personalization.


We love working with clients to reenvision the way data is visualized. When creating makeovers of current graphs, we evaluate your business goals and your audience. Then, we make recommendations inclusive of chart choices, as well as design elements.

Survey Data

Stacked bar charts are the most common chart choice to visualize survey data. 

An alternative? A diverging bar chart!

In this makeover of the original YouGov stacked bar chart, we positioned the two segments that fall under “worried” and “not worried” on opposite ends. Unlike the stacked bar chart, the diverging bar chart enables your audience to easily and accurately compare contrasting categories and numerical values.

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