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Happy 4th of July!

...and Happy Charting!

Since our passion here at Vizlogue is data visualization, we couldn't miss the opportunity to visualize data related to Independence Day.

We created a slopegraph based on a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) in partnership with Prosper Insights & Analytics. The results below show how people plan to spend 4th of July this year compared to 2019.

slopegraph 4th of july

A few notes on slopegraphs

A slopegraph is a newer type of graph, not yet available in tools such as Excel or Tableau. Slopegraphs are great at showing changes between two points (in this case, 2019 vs 2020), in particular when a category increases or decreases more than the rest (in this case, the category "will not celebrate" increased more).

While I like slopegraphs for their clean design, they also have shortcomings. Too many categories can make a slopegraph look cluttered. Or, too many overlapping points can also appear cluttered.

Have you tried using slopegraphs? If not, check out our Resources page to download the template we used for this visualization, plus a few more.

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